cheap moncler uk Tabletop Soccer Game

Tabletop Soccer Game

2. Use a dowel the same size used for the goalie to align the upper and lower cart pieces. Clamp the pieces together and apply acrylic glue to the joint.

3. Laser cut the belt holder pieces from acrylic.

4. Place the two belt holder pieces at 90 degrees to each other. Support the pieces with a small piece of wood so they stay stable. Use a rubber band to keep the pieces together. Apply acrylic glue to the joint.

5. Once dry, attach the belt holder to the cart. The best way to do this is to place the belt on the side of the cart, then squeeze the belt holder so it secures the belt. Apply glue to the joint and hold it for several minutes. You can test the strength of the joint by gently pulling on the belt while holding the cart, making sure the belt doesn slip.

6. Gently slip the cart into the track.

7. Make 3 track holders, The holder will be 3 pieces of basswood glued together to form a shape. To get the height of the support correct line up the inside face of the track holding piece with the inside face of the bottom washer of the belt drive. The goal is to have the belt drive running in a flat plane.

8. Glue the three track holders to bottom of playing surface. The middle of the track should be in line with hole in playing surface where the goalie support rod will be inserted.

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