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July 4th Tee Shirts

On the left front shoulder area I outlined the basic design with a stencil. Using a fine line brush to outline the design with paint, I used the same brush to fill in this small design.

After allowing the first layer of paint to dry, I went over the red and blue areas again, and highlighted the bottom of the red with a blue line.

When that step was dry I used gold to highlight the blue star and add dots above the red area. After the gold dried I went over it again so there would be more prominent.

The shirt was hung to dry for a few hours, and I went to work on the girl’s shirt.

Again, I used the stencil to outline the basic design on the left front shoulder area. Then I used the liner brush to fill in the small areas with red and blue. After allowing that layer of paint to dry I deepened the colors with another layer of paint on the design.

I forgot to take a picture of the design before adding the gold highlights, but it’s not too hard to imagine what it looked like at that point. The red and blue needed to thoroughly dry before I finished with the gold accents.

Using the metallic gold and the fine liner brush I highlighted the stars and added the gold dots to the shoulder as shown in the photograph. I placed larger dots among the stars and made them smaller as I faded the design up the shoulder.

The technique worked and it looks like stars swooping through the sky well, I think so, anyway. :)

The craft paint I used is permanent on porous items, but on clothing that will be washed it needs to be steam ironed to set it correctly. Even then, cold hand washing would be the best method of cleaning these tee shirts.

To iron, position the clean piece of card stock paper inside the shirt. Set iron on steam heat. Place white tissue paper over painted design.

Begin steam ironing sections in 60 second intervals. Press firmly and don’t hurry. The paint needs to flatten and set up. I went over my designs twice.

Gently peel tissue paper off when the entire design is well ironed. Slide card stock out of tee shirt. Hang shirt to cool and dry for about an hour. Check to make sure the paint is not tacky before folding and putting it in a gift bag.

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