cheap ray bans Aircraft Oil Change

Aircraft Oil Change

The cowls on most cessnas are in 2 pieces, top half and bottom half. You just unscrew all the fasteners and carefully lift the top off.

Note: the fasteners are zeus quick release screws. They only rotate a quarter turn and then they are loose.

The bottom cowl is a little trickier, when you loosen one side the cowl will flex and try to fall off and could be damaged. So , loosen all the bottom screws but leave one screw on each side until you’re ready, then hold the bottom with your hand or your knee and remove the remaining fasteners.

I like to make sure the propeller is horizontal before doing this. Make sure the mags are off before turning an aircraft propeller.

Make sure you put the cowls down in a way the wind won’t pick them up and run off with them.

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