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Your washer pump should be easy enough, check the fuse then search for voltage in the system till find your issue.

Your a/c, look or listen for the clutch engaging the compressor, if it is check your blend doors ( slide the hot to cold slider). If your clutch is not engaging then search for voltage in at the switch, try at your clutch. Could also be low on refrigerant. That can cause the pressure switches to stop the system. If you have retro kit on it(r 134a) try a can. If you have r 12 you need to take it to the shop to evacuate the system the can add the new refrigerant.

The second problem sounds like a blend door. The is a big unit behind the dash, its a huge pain get to. The blend doors are usually underneath the dash or near the center console behind the radio. Wedge yourself down on the floor looking up at the dash. You are looking for an actuator with a little hinge or rod on it. You can have a friend slide the a/c controls and you watch for the actuator to move. I can’t recall if yours are going to be electric or vacuum operated, either way you are looking for a disconnected actuator or a burned out one. If it’s vacuum operated you can look for a hose with a split.

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