moncler outlet uk How To Fold a Dress Shirt for Packing

How To Fold a Dress Shirt for Packing

Fold the arms in. Each arm should stay on its own side of the shirt. Fold each arm in at the shoulder and arrange it so that it lays flat down the length of the shirt.

Fold the shirt in half. Put both hands on one side of the shirt, holding the arm on that side in place, and fold it over the other side. Fold it slightly off center. It should be just enough off center that your buttons lay to one side of the fold, which will prevents creases in the fabric around your buttons. Slide one hand inside the folded shirt and smooth downward to flatten out any wrinkles inside. Pay special attention to the collar. Make sure it lies flat and even, but don’t press down on it the back of it. Even folded in half, it will keep some of its curve if you won’t put too much pressure on it.

Fold the collar in and then roll the shirt all the way down. Rolling a shirt is much like rolling a sleeping bag. Keep your roll moving in a straight line and roll tightly.

Smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles on the way down the shirt. Some of the fabric will move as you roll. Stop to straighten the fabric out and smooth your hand inside the fold of the shirt to take out any inner wrinkles as you roll.

Place the rolled shirt so that the loose flap is held closed by either the side of your luggage or other packed articles. This will ensure that your dress shirt stays rolled until you get to your destination.

Garment bags are not always convenient when traveling, and simply folding a dress shirt for packing in a suitcase can result in. Part of the series: How to Fold Shirts Pants. Rolling a shirt can save space when packing for a.

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