cheap the north face Why does the Segway cost so much

Why does the Segway cost so much

But even if it cost $4,000 it would be amazing.

So think about this. The Nano weighs 1,300 pounds. It is a REAL CAR. It has a motor and a transmission, a suspension system, four tires, brakes, a steering system, real doors with real windows that roll up and down, comfy seats, an electrical system, a ventilation system, instruments, lights, windshield wipers, hundreds of pounds of steel in the sheet metal and frame. And it costs $2,000 in India.

Look at the price: $5,299. I don’t know what your reaction is, but after looking at the Nano my reaction is: WHAAAAAT???? A Segway has 2 wheels, two little electric motors, a pretty run of the mill NiMH battery and a computer to control it. The price makes absolutely no sense. At $2,000 and 1,300 pounds, the Nano is $1.54 per pound for a REAL CAR. The Segway weighs 83 pounds, so it works out to $63.84 per pound. It should cost $300, $500 at most. Its price doesn’t make any sense when you stack it against the Nano.

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