moncler outlet uk Gravity Bike

Gravity Bike

For this bike the seat is more for when your slowing to a stop or just sitting around before you bomb. The geometry of this frame puts most of your weight on the kneelers. This allows you to throw the bike around underneath you, so we wanted a low profile seat.

Start with a piece of half inch plywood. Lay the plywood on the frame and then trace from underneath to get the width of the seat. Then sketch out on the plywood the rest of the shape. Use a band saw or scroll saw to cut out your shape.

For seats we again like to use the Minicel L200. It’s not the must squishy thing under you bum but it is tough and dampens vibrations and impacts well enough. One of the coolest things about this foam is how you can sculpt it. It cuts with a bandsaw with ease. You can use a hacksaw or hand saw also. Once you get the general shape blocked out you can use a coarse grit sandpaper to shape it further. It has a low moisture absorption rate so leaving it raw is always an option.

Once you have your desired shape you can wrap it in fabric or leather. Oregon Leather Supply has amazing scrap barrels with plenty of pieces that are big enough for a seat. We chose a piece of red leather. Ideally we like to use barge glue for this, but we where fresh out. Super 77 spray adhesive saved the day. First apply a layer to the foam and plywood and bond those two together. Then you can attack with the leather. Applying a layer over all of the foam, and then over a smaller section of the leather to get it started. Then as you start wrapping spray the inside of the leather pull and press down. Starting with your biggest flat surface and then working out from there tends to be the best option. It’s a tedious procedure and in our shop we find cursing sometimes helps.

This frame has mounting holes preplanned for this seat. Although on other builds we have glued the seat straight to the steel with good results.

Other foams such as upholstery foam will work it’s just not our preference. If you do happen to use upholstery foam know that electric carving knives from the kitchen work wonders.

That is just so awesome it not funny. I saw this and immediately decided to build one. I have never been so inspired by an instructable! It all i been thinking about for the last few days! Went to the local junk yard and picked up a couple of (darn good) bikes for $20 and some steel for $10. Should give me about 95% of the stuff i need to make it. Also, i found some very cheap 160mm discs/calipers for US$26 express shipped from china and i am going to see what i can do to machine a hub to mount the disc to a standard hub. Fingers crossed it all works out and they are not total crap. Cant wait to start building it!

Well, as i said, i just HAD to do it. This is my effort so far.

VBrake rear, 160mm Disk front, fully suspended. Total build cost, about AUD$100 but that uncludes 3 donor bikes (from my local scrap yard). The bottom bar is full of lead. The only thing really left to do is put a seat on it. Rides well, spring rates are perfect. Now i just have to find some hills to run it on (and make some brackets to strap it to the roofracks on my car). Still trying to source some wheel covers at a reasonable price but with my feet further forward, they tend to stay out of the spokes anyway.

Thanks Harlan for such an awesome inspirational instructable!

I raced motorbikes all my life, thought I retired from the sport till i spotted this stuff on Youtube, I hooked and as yet haven even attempted to squeeze all 6ft 2in of me onto one.

However I already scavenging parts for my own build. the only thing is I figure as I on the downhill slide to becoming 60 I reckon my old knees and wrists are going to need suspension :)

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